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Michael Wood

My Open Door Policy

I have a strong track record of business management, community leadership, and government relations experience. I believe a diverse and wide-ranging resume represents a dynamic choice to represent Knoxdale-Merivale on the city council. 


Great leaders are empathetic, caring, and accessible. They are open to hearing all points of view, often on topics that require a high level of collaboration and teamwork. I aim to represent Knoxdale-Merivale with the same level of diligence that I have shown over a successful career doing exactly that, collaborating, and working effectively with a diverse range of stakeholders. 


As a campaign promise, I’m committing to meeting monthly with constituents so we may connect and your concerns may be heard and addressed. I am committed to being accessible, and approachable, and delivering correspondence with you in a timely manner. It is your community; your city and you deserve to have strong and responsive leadership representing your needs.

A Full Review Of City Transit

Our population is aging, and more people will be relying on public transportation over the next four years and beyond. We need to review not only OC Transpo but Para Transpo as well in order to ensure our system is accessible and efficient for everyone. Too often our loved ones standing outside in the middle of winter waiting on public transit to arrive with buses not arriving on schedule, or at all. 


We must ensure that the residents of our community are never stranded. The best way to promote and regain consumer confidence in our transit system is by conducting a full review, making those results accessible and transparent to the public, and then determining where improvements must be made. For work, school, or socializing, Knoxdale-Merivale needs access to a transit system that is reliable, efficient, financially viable and safe. 

Community Safety


I am committed to ensuring that the community of Knoxdale Merivale is the safest community in our City for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. We must provide safe streets that are in good condition so that drivers can get where they need to go safely. We must ensure that play area are safe and well maintained so that children can enjoy them without fear of injury. Traffic safety in our neighbourhood, particularly around our schools, must be consistently reviewed and improved upon. Improving road conditions and reviewing traffic calming measures will be critical to ensuring that all residents are safe when travelling through our Ward.

Accessible & Affordable Housing


Everyone deserves a place to live that they can call their own. Costs continue to skyrocket and affordable housing needs to be front and centre when the new council takes over in October. Everyone deserves a comfortable, safe roof over their family and I am committed to ensuring that everyone will have access to a place to call home that they can afford.


I Would Love an Opportunity to Connect With You

If you want to have a further discussion about any of my priorities listed for Ward 9, Knoxdale-Merivale or any of the priorities you have, I am more than happy to jump on a phone call with you or have a discussion via email.  Please feel free to call me at 613-704-2866 or email me at

What Are My Priorities For Knoxdale-Merivale?

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