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Michael Wood Voice of Small Business Ottawa

How To Become Involved
And Help Michael Wood

Behind every single successful campaign, there is always an amazing team of people working together to make it happen. Whether it is helping to go door-knocking (canvassing), assisting with donations, digital marketing (social media), web content and other communications, keeping organized and up-to-date spreadsheets, graphic design work and a variety of other important duties, we need you!

Knocking on 1000’s of doors across Knoxdale-Merivale is a really fun experience. Students welcome! The more friends you tell, and the more doors we reach, the greater the chance of him being elected! If you really want to see Michael Wood represent at City Hall, we would love your help!


Ready to get involved in the campaign? Please fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within twenty-four hours. We appreciate your desire to get involved and help Michael Wood become the next City of Ottawa councillor!

Thank you so much for wanting to get involved!

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